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Monday, May 4, 2009

Stella Mikhal Mod to Millennial

Spring has officially sprung, and what’s hatched is a vision (think-smoky eye) for beauty from Makeup Artist Stella Mikhal. I had the chance to meet Stella and learn about her spring makeup trends and tips while working on a magazine shoot last week for Simone’s Boutique.

Stella’s mod to millennial trend in eye makeup is inspired by “The Millennials.” It is a newer version with color that updates the mod-looking smoky eye with heavy blacks, grays and browns. Stella uses deep jewel tones such as green, blue, and bronze to update this classic look. “The smoky eye doesn’t have an age. Every woman can wear it to add glamour.” This kind of advice is what keeps her clients coming back for more of what Stella has to say. Email:

Stella’s specialty is makeup and what she does for a living is “make people more confident about their appearance.“ She is the rotating Makeup Artist for Laura Mercier in Chicago, and is a freelance makeup artist for professional photo shoots, media, weddings and more. Her 23-year career includes working and training with Bobbi Brown, Trish McEvoy, Laura Mercier, and Reggie Wells, Oprah's makeup artist.

Talking about what she does comes naturally for Stella. One great way to get press is to have something new to talk about, and with Stella, it’s all about the smoky eye. It’s big for spring. You can wear the look all year, but mod to millennial is the inspiration for Spring 2009. Here’s how Stella created the look for Lina Samandas who modeled for the shoot.

  • Use a black/navy (or black/gold) eyeliner pencil to instantly smoke the eye by applying to the entire lower lid. 
  • For Lina, Stella used a copper brown eyeliner pencil with a “coffee ground” shade of brown eye shadow for drama on the lid.
  • Blend lightly on the ball of the eye or smudge
  • Line with cake liner at root of lashes to draw attention and add what looks like fullness to the lashes
  • Use a neutral, butter cream-colored or morning dew (pinker tone) highlighter under the brow bone
  • Use a soft-colored shadow at the crease
  • Apply a full set of lashes to add lift to the eye; or use individual lashes at the corners of the eye
  • Wing the eye using an eye pencil
  • Perfect the eye with Q-tip at the lash line
  • Apply Mascara
  • Apply Liquid Eyeliner (no pencil)

Stella Says:

Airbrush makeup is the way to go. It is a mist of beauty for creating a fresh dewy, second layer of skin. High definition media is demanding the look. And, as more photographers and videographers are shooting in hi-def, makeup needs to appear softer while maintaining a vibrant finish. As an alternative, try the Silk Cream Foundation from Laura Mercier. Stella says, it's the next best thing to airbrushing.


  1. Wow! Great blog Ann! I love love love eye makeup! Thank you for the great tips! :)

    Ashley Troyer
    Ashley Troyer Events
    Goshen, Indiana

  2. BRIDES BEWARE: Stella Mikhal breaks her contracts.

    After signing on to do our wedding over a year prior, she cancelled on us just days beforehand to take a "more important" client, without even so much as an apology.

    There are equally (and superiorly) talented professionals out there who honor their commitments. With all due respect, choose one of them.